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LeafFilter Gutter Guards – Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed

LeafFilter gutter protection comes with a lifetime warranty that’s transferable between homeowners for the lifetime of the house. Our longstanding customers can vouch that LeafFilter will protect your gutters for years to come. Other gutter guards can void your roof warranty or decay over time, leaving you with damaged gutters. We guarantee than nothing will…Read More

Get Your Free Gutter Inspection Today

Our LeafFilter call center is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your free gutter inspection. It only takes 15-20 min. for a LeafFilter sales rep to come out, inspect your current gutters and provide you with a new gutter protection estimate. Our sales representatives can assist with your gutter damage awareness or…Read More

How Gutter Guards can Harvest Rain Water

With rainwater harvesting growing in popularity in areas where water is scarce and people are more environmentally aware, installing a gutter protection system can ensure you capture the cleanest water from your gutter system. LeafFilter is designed to keep all debris out of your gutter water; this means harvesting rain water that is pure and…Read More

Gutter Protection Color Swatches

LeafFilter understands the importance of not only efficient home improvement, but the need for them to be visually appealing as well. That’s why LeafFilter designed an array of gutter protection covers to match the color siding of your home. LeafFilter™ gutter guards consist of a stainless steel micromesh screen affixed to a rigid vinyl body…Read More

What are the Benefits of Gutter Protection?

When asked how homeowners can improve their homes, LeafFilter Corporate Trainer, Kevin Hart, discusses the benefits LeafFilter Gutter Guards can provide homeowners without damaging the existing gutters or voiding any roof warranty. LeafFilter has a lifetime transferable warranty, making your house more valuable. Keeps homeowners off ladders No holes, gaps or openings LeafFilter never voids…Read More

LeafFilter Named to 2014 Exterior Contractor Top 200

LeafFilter Gutter Protection earned the prestige of being named as one of the top exterior remodeling companies in the United States by the national residential remodeling magazine, Qualified Remodeler. LeafFilter finished at No. 9 overall on the Exterior Contractor Top 200 list. This list ranks the nation’s largest exterior remodelers based on annual revenue. Not…Read More

Weekend Handyman – LeafFilter Gutter Guard System

John Young from The Weekend Handyman shows how LeafFilter Gutter Guard system keeps your gutters clean and debris out! Unlike DIY gutter guards, LeafFilter has no openings or holes; this ensures that not even pine needles will breach your gutter protection system. Also, unlike DIY leaf guards, LeafFilter guarantees to last the lifetime of your…Read More

Prevent Ice Damming and Gutter Damage during Winter

Your gutters aren’t only in danger during falling leaves seasons but they’re also in danger of corrosion, flooding and ice damming during Winter! During these cold months, melting snow will bring more debris into your gutters; the water will also freeze and expand the gutters, causing severe cracks in the gutters and possibly causing damage…Read More

Competitor Gutter Guard

LeafFilter™ customers review competitor gutter guards and verify that LeafFilter is the number one customer rated gutter protection system in the country! LeafFilter is a stainless steel micromesh screen that guarantees clog free gutters. Other leaf guards, such as; reverse curve, DIY, foam or brush gutter guards, will not only leave you with clogged gutters but…Read More

You’ve got work to do, those gutters need to be cleaned

The kids have been back to school for over a month now, and Halloween pumpkins are on just about every front porch in the neighborhood. How did summer slip away so fast to be replaced by fall? The leaves are turning brilliant shades of yellow and orange, but they’re about to canvas the yard and…Read More